Electric cabinets and accessories

Electric cabinets and accessories

  • Box charging cabinets with two sockets in each box.
  • Charging cabinets for mobile phones with three types of sockets.
  • Workshop charging cabinets with extension leads.
  • Electrical safety certification.
  • Offer includes coin locks in four currencies.

Box charging cabinets

It dealing with an enhanced variant of the standard box cabinet from the POLAK brand production portfolio. In each of the eight
boxes there is a pair of sockets that can be used to charge multiple devices at the same time. The integrated central electrical duct saves floor space. Only the supply cable with the plug protrudes from the cabinet.

You can have this cabinet including full certification, completely connected and ready for immediate use, or without connection, only with preparation for certification, which the customer procures himself, including professional connection. The cabinets
are delivered with electrical sockets of E type for the Czech Republic and of F type, as used for example in Germany.

Workshop charging cabinets

Charging station with ventilation and cable grommet, based on the design of the SK2 cabinet from the current POLAK furniture range. The cabinet allows the use of a wide range of accessories, incl. electrical accessories, thanks to which the customer can create a charging station for batteries with a large storage space.

The PP300 extension lead is designed just for this variant: two interconnected bodies with a total of eight sockets and independent switching. The extension lead can be attached to the side of the cabinet in two height levels.

Another option is to use the PP700 extension lead with nine sockets on the back of the cabinet.

Charging cabinets for mobile phones

Thanks to original design of the POLAK brand, the charging cabinet for mobile phones represent a unique element that allows you to charge up to sixteen mobile phones at once. Thanks to the three sockets, it is possible to charge almost any type of mobile device available on the market.

After inserting the device and connecting it to the socket, the processor-controlled source begins to supply the required power in the fastest possible way. The individual cells are fully lockable with a user-friendly coin lock or a standard cylinder lock. The charging cabinets can be interconnected with a cable. Designed for wall mounting.

Electric accessories

The range of workshop furniture such as workbenches, control and ergonomic workplaces, as well as workshop cabinets can be equipped with ELECTRIC STRIPS, EXTENSION LEADS and LIGHTING FIXTURES. This series of electrical accessories is designed, constructed and manufactured directly by POLAK CZ.

Electrical products meet high safety requirements and are certified.

Charging cabinet for mobile phones 20DSMT
Order number: 20DSMT

Charging cabinet for mobile phones 20DSMT

Box charging cabinet with cylindrical lock 20BDS
Order number: 20BDS

Box charging cabinet with cylindrical lock 20BDS

Workshop charging cabinet 20SK2PP
Order number: 20SK2PP

Workshop charging cabinet 20SK2PP

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