Integrated series of top-quality workshop furniture will provide a unique appearance for the industrial spaces of your company. An emphasis on ergonomic requirements, high variability and simple operation ensures a high level of comfort of use in all types of industrial businesses. Furniture parts can be individually adapted and combined. Workshop furniture meets high safety requirements.



Lockers, storage boxes and benches will enable company employees or service users to keep their clothes and personal things comfortable and safe. Smaller lockers for outer wear can be used, for example, in sports, medical or cultural facilities, or in school establishments of all levels. Elements can be combined and adapted by means of fittings.


We are a Czech company manufacturing in the Czech Republic


Our products are exported to 13 European countries

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We develop, innovating and invest in technologies


Smart furniture

We have prepared an on-line consultancy service for you, in which you can find instructions and advice regarding maximum utilization of the features of the purchased product.


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