Cabinet for liquids

Design of the cabinets for liquids is based on the design of SK cabinets and they are suitable for storing of liquid material. Dip tray with a grate prevents unwanted leakage of liquids.

Cabinet with hinged doors with an opening angle of 180 °. The cabinets are designed, inter alia, for the use of a hanging system such as perforated panels for door, side panels or the rear wall. Our offer includes also wide range of holders and hooks. The door of the cabinet for liquids is equipped with ventilation openings.

The cabinets can be equipped with a drip tray with a material thickness of 1 or 3 mm with a shelf with a grate, which is made of galvanized steel with a thickness of 1 mm. The cabinet for liquids equipped with a 3 mm thick dip tray allows for safe storage of aggressive substances and reduce the risk of their leakage.

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