How to design own configuration of workbench

How to design own configuration of KOMBI workbench

  1. Select the type and size of the worktop.
  2. Choose a workbench arrangement (for example: leg on the left side, drawer cabinet on the right side, equipped with drawers and door).
  3. If you choose a workbench with a drawer cabinet, give the number of drawers so that the sum of the drawer (or door) fronts A equals the clearance of the opening in the body S. Select suitable legs.
  4. Select the colours for assembly and drawers.
  5. Choose the riser variant, accessories and dividers for drawers.

Selection of worktop

Select the size, thickness and type of desired worktop.

You can choose:

  • BEECH BOARD - 40 or 50 mm thick, high-quality robust solid board made of beech blocks continuously glued into the shape of the board and subsequently ground and treated with a solution of linseed oil with additives. 
  • MULTIPLEX BOARD - 40 mm thick, quality board with stable dimensions made by bonding laminated steamed beech-wood veneer. The surface is subsequently ground and treated with a solution of linseed oil with additives. 
  • LAMINATED BOARD - 38 mm thick, light grey laminated board with glued edges.

You can then add the following accessories to your worktops:

  • Raised edge of the worktop - mechanical barrier on three sides of the worktop, 100 mm high.
  • Rubber pad - 4 mm thick rubber plate with textile insert.
  • Steel surface - profiled steel, raw, black sheet 1.5 mm thick, slightly oiled.

Assembly of the workbench

Select suitable variant of workbench assembly.

Possible variants:

  • assembly LEG - LEG
  • assembly LEG - LEG - HANGING CABINET
  • assembly LEG - CABINET
  • assembly CABINET - CABINET

If you choose a workbench assembly with a cabinet, you can find detailed instructions for custom configuration of drawer cabinet here.

Legs for workbenches

We produce many variants of legs for workbenches. You can choose fixed legs, legs with castors, height-adjustable legs or special legs. Thanks to quality material and perfect workmanship there’s no doubt that you choose security and solid support for your workbench. All legs are made with holes for attachment to our worktops with M8 x 25 bolts. These screws are a standard accessory of the leg.


The nature of individual work processes brings individual demands on the workspace. Thanks to our multifunctional risers you can convert your workbench to a really excellent workplace. You can place your entire world of tools, instruments and small material on a few square meters - everything at your fingertips, clearly and systematically arranged.

We offer three types of risers for workbenches:

  • COLUMN risers - suitable for all types of workbenches
  • KOMBI riser - suitable for the workbenches 700 mm deep
  • CABINET risers - suitable for all types of workbenches

Detailed descriptions of individual riser types can be found here: