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How to make a custom configuration of drawer cabinet

How to make a custom configuration of drawer cabinet

  • Select the dimensions of drawer cabinet body.
  • Set the number of drawers so that the sum of the faces of drawers (or doors) (A) equals the clearance of opening of the body (S).
  • Select the colours for body and drawers.
  • Select accessories.
  • Select dividers for the drawers.

Dimensions of body of drawer cabinet

Select the appropriate body size according to your needs. Our offer includes 12 layouts, each of them in 8 heights.

Dimension H = total height of body
Dimension S = body opening clearance

As standard, the body is equipped with cylindrical lock. You can choose a code lock (order No. + “C”) or the chip lock (order No. + “F”). In this case, do not forget to add the appropriate letter after the order code of the selected body.

When ordering a body with a code or chip lock, this body can only be equipped with drawers - the body cannot be combined with doors.

Layout of bodies:

  • ZA 27 x 27D = 578 x 600 mm
  • ZB 36 x 36D = 731 x 753 mm
  • ZC 45 x 27D = 1037 x 600 mm
  • ZD 36 x 27D = 731 x 600 mm
  • ZE 27 x 36D = 578 x 753 mm
  • ZG 27 x 36D = 1037 x 753 mm
  • ZH 19 x 36D = 442 x 753 mm
  • ZK 45 x 36D = 884 x 753 mm
  • ZL 19 x 27D = 442 x 600 mm
  • ZN 27 x 19D = 578 x 464 mm
  • ZP 36 x 19D = 731 x 464 mm
  • ZR 45 x 19D = 884 x 464 mm

Heights of bodies

H dimension / S dimension

  • 190* mm / 100* mm
  • 390 mm / 300 mm
  • 590 mm / 500 mm
  • 690 mm / 600 mm
  • 740 mm / 650 mm
  • 840 mm / 750 mm
  • 990 mm / 900 mm
  • 1215 mm / 1125 mm
  • 1415 mm / 1325 mm

* Body height 190 mm is only available for layout ZA 27 x 27D and is designed to be hung under the workbench.


Select the combination of the drawers / doors for the drawer cabinet. The clearance of the opening in the body S must be equal to the sum of the faces A of the selected drawers or doors. We recommend subtracting the height dimensions of the A faces from the S value gradually. The size of the drawers marked with C determines the side height, which is important for selecting the metal divider for the drawer.

Our offer includes 7 drawer heights for all offered bodies. The drawers within ESD programme are delivered only with partial extension. It is dealing with a quality mechanism on ball bearings with a loading capacity of 70 kg and an extension of up to 88%.

Drawer safety latch (order No. + “P”)
Safety element that prevents undesired opening of the drawer. It is fitted to mobile products as a standard. In the case of custom configuration of drawer cabinet, add “P” letter after the order code of drawer of your choice.

Door / door with sill

If you choose a cabinet with doors only, the clearance of the opening in the body S must be equal to the sum of door heights. In the case of a combination of drawers with doors, the clearance of the opening in the body S must be equal to the height of the doors with the sill and the sum of the faces A of the selected drawers. Always select the door with sill for combination with drawers, a door without sill cannot be combined with drawers.

We offer 4 heights of doors or doors with sill. For wide bodies, the doors are supplied in hinged design.


Internal shelf

Loading capacity of 50 kg; thanks to the perforation of the walls, it is height-adjustable by 50 mm.

Raised edge

Sheet metal edge on three sides, 20 mm height with loose rubber pad.


Height 100 mm, includes 2 removable faces.