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Chest of drawers produced by POLAK CZ have been awarded a GS certificate

Chest of drawers produced by POLAK CZ have been awarded a GS certificate

The chests of drawers from the POLAK CZ workshop furniture range have undergone a very strict inspection process. After thorough tests on all their properties, our chests of drawers can be marked with a GS certificate. This guarantees to the customer that the product meets the most stringent safety standards. The tests were conducted at TÜV, which is a German association of organisations that test products from the perspective of public health and environmental protection.

“We have therefore requested certification for all our drawer types and models, including the chests – there are 252 of them,” explained Robert Toupalik, POLAK CZ export manager.

Another reason for this decision was the new webpage system, where the customer can configure exactly how their new furniture will look. This feature is used by as many as 80 percent of customers. This means they don’t have to spend time looking up whether the configuration they have chosen will have a certificate – they will all have one.

This certificate is essential, particularly on the German market, in order to succeed in tenders announced by state organisations, for example. By using a certificate the company commits itself to fulfilling several conditions. These include annual inspections at the company's premises, the fact that the manufactured product is identical to the one that has been certified, payment of the management fee in the GS database, checks on the use of the GS mark, and consent to random inspections, while GS-marked products must comply with the requirements of the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive.

For partners and customers the certificate proves the sustainability and repeatability of the company’s production process, and that its products are well designed in terms of user safety. The company expects to see an interest in turnover from foreign trade, as it is now able to register for various tenders. When choosing between a product that is certified and one that is not certified, they will choose the first, as it offers a safety guarantee. They want to avoid cases where a work-related accident occurs and the furniture in question is later proven not to have met the safety requirements, meaning compensation has to be paid out. This type of workshop furniture is purchased not only by private customers, but also by hardware workshops and factories. This is because the furniture is stable, durable and able to withstand tough conditions. The warranty provided on all our products is 48 months. This also goes to show how sturdy our furniture is.

The certification process took approximately six months.

GS certifikát na dílenský nábytek Polak CZ

“I made the most of the experience and contacts of my colleagues, so I knew who to turn to. All the tests were carried out in the laboratory in Hamburg,” explains Robert Toupalik.

The entire product had to be described in detail and a sample had to be supplied, determined by the laboratory from the materials it was provided with. This was relatively complex and heavy configured furniture. They took the sample to Hamburg and the laboratory technicians subjected it to a thorough series of tests over several months. For example, they tested opening and closing the drawers, 40,000 times. They also tested the tilt, centre of gravity, and the load capacity of the individual drawers. They also checked that the latch works, preventing other drawers from opening when drawer is opened - which could cause the set to topple over.

The certificate is valid for a limited period; the products will be tested again after it expires. The testers focus particularly on the sustainability and repeatability of the production process, and the company was highly rated on this aspect. In the audit of technologies and production processes they proved that in five years they will be able to produce exactly the same products that they make today. The fact that production is highly automated means that the technological process is always the same.

POLAK CZ is planning to go further in terms of certification, rather than leaving it at chests of drawers.

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