Tool holders

The basic elements for fixing tools and protecting the clamping parts of machining tools are plastic holders.
This storage system is based on storing one tool in one holder. Use wooden holders for storing smaller cutting tools and their components. Wood is very suitable for safe storage of precision tools.

Plastic holders for tools

Original POLAK holders are available in several types. Where the standard holder does not fit, use
a universal holder that you can easily adjust yourself. The plastic holders are made of impact-resistant ABS plastic and are fixed in the carriers or tool frames in the required position by two locks. No tools, no screwing!

Wooden holders for tools

The tool holder itself is made with the latest technology from high-quality beech plywood. A plastic label is affixed to its front. The complete holder includes a metal tray with a sorption fabric for capturing emulsions and oil. At the same time, the tray serves as a bottom (support) for tools that could fall through the wooden holder.

Complete assembly of wooden holder is then stored in tool frames and tool carriers.

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