Below you can browse all currently valid catalogues of Workshop Furniture in electronic form. An electronic catalogue has many functions that facilitate orientation and allow direct access to instructions and advice. Use the side arrows or arrows on your keyboard to scroll through the catalogue. Thorough the catalogue, you can see icons of various functions such as playing a video, viewing instructions, or link to another page in the catalogue.

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Why our workshop furniture?

More about us
  • Many years of experience

    We have been developing and manufacturing workshop furniture continuously since 1994 - e. g. for 28 years.
  • Modern technologies

    We are constantly developing new production processes. Our state-of-the-art technology and automated production processes ensure consistent product quality.
  • POLAK quality

    You can fully trust our brand. We make no compromises when designing and manufacturing our products. TUV certified products.
  • Environmental-friendly production

    Low carbon footprint is our priority. Automated lighting of our plant with LEDs, heat recovery during painting processes, 100% heating of production premises with waste heat from a biopower plant,…
  • 2000 catalogue items

    Our production portfolio = comprehensive offer of plant, workshop and laboratory equipment.
  • We can adapt

    If technically and technologically possible, we adapt our products to the specific requirements of the customer. Or we can create a completely new product.