Basic colour scheme

As a standard, we supply the entire range of workshop furniture in the basic colour scheme RAL 7035/5012, unless different colours are specified in the order. The basic colour scheme can be chosen in three colours: RAL 7035, RAL 5012 and RAL 5010 for each part of the product separately - body, drawers, doors, workbench legs, etc.

Standard colour scheme

The standard colour RAL 7035 applies to the range of workshop furniture in the case of non-combined products (e. g. table leg). For combined products RAL 7035/5012 (e. g. cabinet / drawers / doors). This colour scheme is used unless different colour is specified in the order.

Colour scheme without surcharge

Our of furniture can be delivered in different colour scheme than the basic one, if it is specified so in the order: for non-combined products, the colour is indicated by one RAL number (example: RAL 5010), for combined products, the colour scheme is always indicated by the RAL number for each separable product component separated by a slash in the following order: body/drawers/doors (example: RAL 5012/7035/5010 or RAL 5012/7035 - a product that has only doors or only drawers).