Innovation 2010

Within the project INNOVATION 2010 we applied in August 2010 to some of our products new improvements and technical innovations. 

Innovation of the system drawer

To increase user’s comfort when handling a drawer, the drawer grip was enlarged and stiffened. Extension and insertion of the drawer (even heavy loaded) is now much more comfortable then before.

Modification of the grip design enabled simultaneously also change in design of the so called “safety lock against spontaneous extension of a drawer“. The new grip enables very easy installation of the safety lock into the drawer anywhere, e.g. after delivery of the product to the customer. Therefore it is not necessary to order drawer safety locks together with the product as the customer can install these locks into drawers by himself during use of the product. At the same time, if the safety locks become worn after certain period, they can be replaced very simply and max. within a couple of minutes.

Drawer bottoms and longitudinal metal-sheet separators were in standard version completed with the so called “separator attachment holes“ that enable to rivet the longitudinal separator to the drawer bottom. This modification eliminates for example material “overflow“ among individual drawer cells, which was possible in case of previous versions, especially in reference to bigger and fully loaded drawers (slight drawer bottom deflection).

Innovation of the “Blockage of drawers with central locking“ system

The new design of blockage against extension of more drawers features lower noise level and increased smoothness of latch rotation. The change in the system design also resulted in significantly smoother function of the box lock during unlocking and locking. Intensive functional tests of the new system also proved significant decrease (almost to 0%) of the so called “latch rollover“ – blockage of drawers/lock failure – that occurred in case of previous system design from time to time.

Innovation of drawer extension mechanisms

The original screw suspension of the drawer extension mechanism guidance was changed to the so called “clip-clap“ system. This way the customer is able to simply change drawer positions, or complete and change drawers to meet his needs. The new design is available both for the simple “E“ extension and the “T“ telescopic full-extension, and is applicable for all products, into which the system drawers can be mounted.

The “T“ telescopic full-extension option also covers the drawers with the face height of 75mm!!

Other modifications

Innovation also includes modification of the “inserted“ shelves of the drawer boxes and the modular workbenches. The new shelves utilize better dispositional space (space between the shelf back side and the back wall is removed), surface treatment of the shelves was unified with that of shelves for the tool boxes (SK1, SK2, etc.). Therefore all shelves for all products are delivered standardly with the Galvanisation surface treatment. The original hook for suspension of the shelves was replaced with the new hook type that is more massive and better fixed in stands. In case you wish any product from our assortment to be supplied with shelves provided with powder coating surface treatment, please mention this requirement expressly in your order.

As the existing 10mm difference in heights of the KOMBI basic workbenches and the modular workbenches (PS1, PS2, PS3) sometimes generated complications in the course of realization, especially when furnishing complex workshops, the basic height of both workbench types was set to 880mm. Therefore the new design of the PS workbench can be situated right beside the KOMBI workbench without any other modifications. If the user will order a PS series workbench to be located beside the previously manufactured PS workbench (height 870mm), this fact should be stated in the order.

Innovations concern product packing as well. For example, packages for small and connecting materials, which form part of the product/job, were standardised. The professionally elaborated user manual is inserted into each drawer box. Identification of the product/job on packages has also been changed and other small modifications aimed at enhancement of delivery logistics effectiveness have been realised as well.