Metal drawer cabinets

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The internal housing structure is provided with perforations of 25 mm spacing for fixing the drawer guide rails, their height arrangement and configuration of the required drawer assembly. The drawer cabinet is equipped with a central locking and drawer blocking mechanism.

  • 7 drawer heights with side and bottom perforations with 17 mm spacing.
  • 12 housing models of drawer cabinets in 5 widths, 3 depths and many heights.


  • elevated edge with a 3 mm thick rubber pad
  • wooden top, thickness: 40 mm
  • door, shelf or a base with 2 detachable faces
Size drawers Pattern RAL Locking

Drawer blocking

If a drawer is pulled out, the safety mechanism locks all the other drawers. In this way, the cabinet is prevented from toppling forwards.


Information label and protective corners of the drawer

plastic end of the drawer handle with area for a descriptive label, plastic plugs on the sides.


Partial extension

drawer extension to 88% with loading capacity of 70 kg

Full extension

100% drawer extension with loading capacity of 200 kg.


Drawer partition

in the form of metal partitions, plastic boxes with removable partitions or plastic troughs. Supplied in various heights and widths.


Electric strip

protective elements ensuring safety of the user and electrical equipment. There are several optional lengths and types of electric strips, including optional sockets of the E type for the Czech Republic and F type for Germany and other countries, or a pneumatic quick-coupling.