Classic and Vertical workshop cabinets

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  • The SK series with a hinged door and an opening angle of 180° have been designed, among others, for use of the hanging program and drawers of the 54 x 27D size with all their benefits.
  • The UK series with a hinged door and an opening angle of more than 90° is a lighter form of workshop cabinet, used primarily for storage of smaller and lighter objects.
  • The SP series is designed with a sliding door.
  • The SR series is provided with a roller-shutter instead of a door.
Size drawersPattern RALKey locking


size of 54 x 27D with loading capacity of 70 kg and several optional front heights. The drawers can be equipped with partition material.



can be hinged or sliding;either also with panels of shatter-proof hardened glass;alternatively, a metal pull-down roller-shutter can be used instead of the door.



perforated panels can be used for suspension of the hanging program, mounting on the rear or side wall of the cabinet or in the door.



2 removable fronts for moving the cabinet by means of a pallet or fork-lift truck.



Vertical workshop cabinets

The design of the vertical cabinets brings about great savings in space. Thanks to the vertical storage, it can hold up to three times as many tools as the horizontal variant.

Vertical cabinets with extensible perforated panels

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  • Gaps between panels of 230 mm in the cabinet with three perforated panels and 172 mm in the cabinet with four perforated panels.
  • Loading capacity of the extensible perforated panel: 75 kg.
  • The perforated panels are secured by locking;if one perforated panel is extended, the safety mechanism of the central locking mechanism locks all the others.
Pattern RALKey locking

Built-in full extensions

maximum utilization of space, equipped with damping during insertion of the perforated panel.


Double-sided perforated panels

flexible storage of objects thanks to the broad range of the hanging system.


Vertical cabinets with extensible door

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  • Equipped with 3 vertical doors with selected accessories and central locking.
  • The doors run out directly on the floor on a castor with a ball bearing.
  • The loading capacity of a single frame is up to 400 kg.
Pattern RALKey locking

Tool frame

a specially adopted holder enables setting of the tool frames in three positions on either side, thus increasing the tool storage capacity.



provided with a rubber pad