Workshop trolleys

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The trolleys are equipped with central locking and blocking of drawers against unintentional opening when handling with the trolley.

  • 7 drawer heights
  • 12 housing models
  • broad variety of accessories for both the cabinets and the drawers
Size drawers Pattern RAL Key locking

Drawer blocking

If a drawer is pulled out, the safety mechanism locks all the other drawers. In this way, the cabinet is prevented from toppling forwards.


Information label and protective corners of the drawer

plastic end of the drawer handle with area for a descriptive label, plastic plugs on the sides.


Partial extension

drawer extension to 88% with loading capacity of 70 kg.

Full extension

100% drawer extension with loading capacity of 200 kg.


Drawer partition

in the form of metal partitions, plastic boxes with removable partitions or plastic troughs. Supplied in various heights and widths.


Elevated edge with a rubber pad

three-side sheet edge 20mm in height and freely laid 3mm rubber pad to prevent sliding of objects.


Polypropylene castors

resistant, with greater loading capacity.

Grey rubber castors

do not mark the floor and enable noiseless movement.