Workbenches and accessories

  • Systematic and modular solution.
  • The KOMBI workbenches are variable and are lower in weight.
  • The modular workbenches have a sturdier structure and provide more storage space.
  • The mobile workbenches enable easy handling.
  • Possibility of customised configuration of the workbench.
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Beech worktop

thickness 40 or 50 mm, created by bonding beech-wood balks.

Multiplex worktop

thickness 40 mm, created by bonding laminated steamed beech-wood veneer.

The worktops can be provided with a sheet steel covering of 1.5 mm thickness, a rubber sheet of 4 mm thickness or supplemented with an elevated edge to create a mechanical barrier round the entire circumference.


Workbench feet

fixed, with swivel or fixed castors, with adjustable height and special feet. Fixing to the worktops by means of M8 x 25 screws (included in the delivery).


Drawer partition

in the form of metal partitions, plastic boxes with removable partitions or plastic troughs. Supplied in various heights and widths.


Information label and protective corners of the drawer

plastic end of the drawer handle with area for a descriptive label, plastic plugs on the sides.


Polypropylene castors

resistant, with greater loading capacity.

Grey rubber castors

do not mark the floor and enable noiseless movement.

The brake safeguards the castor as well as its fork against rotation round its axis for greater stability of the product. The castors are mounted to the product in one pair of fixed castors and one pair of swivel castors with brakes.



Workbench accessories

The basic structural elements are the columns in the basic design or with shortened fastening provided with structural holes.

  • Perforated panels with square holes of 38 x 38 mm spacing to fasten the hanging program.
  • Solid panels are used as an optical shield or partition of neighbouring workplaces.
  • Other accessories include shelves, roller-shutter cabinets and suspension arms for mounting a lighting unit.
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Arm with Al profile

widths: 1200, 1500, 2000 and 2500 mm, loading capacity: 6 kg. Aluminium profile dimensions: 40 x 40mm with slots for T8 nuts.

Arm with pneumatic quick-coupling

the pneumatic quick-coupling can be mounted on either side of the extension.


Hanging trolley

hanging trolley sliding in the Al profile slot, intended for tools, binders, etc.



depth: 206 or 370 mm, lengths: 1000, 1200 or 1500 mm.


Perforated panel

to fasten tools or other equipment and accessories, at two heights: 380 and 190 mm.


Pneumatic module

with connecting elements DN7,2 ES14, max. pressure: 8 bar.


Magnetic strip

length: 415 mm, suitable for fastening metal tools


Shelf system

lengths: 910, 1900 or 2400 mm;shelf dimensions: 307 x 152 mm. The shelf can be equipped with POLAK partition material.


LED lighting

  • made of natural or black anodized aluminium
  • power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • power input: 58 W and 17 W
  • electric connecting cable 3m in length
  • LED diodes LG Innotek
  • microprismatic diffuser – low UGR, light colour (temperature): 4000 K.
  • capacitive control of buttons with automatic or manual regulation of luminous flux.

Extension power supply

slim anodized all-aluminium body, sturdy design. There are several optional lengths and types of extension supplies, including optional sockets of the E type for the Czech Republic and F type for Germany and other countries.


Solid panel

gap filling, separation of individual workplaces and mounting of electrical equipment by means of magnetic fastening.


Split perforated panel

height: 190 mm, used to fasten tools or other equipment and accessories.


Electric strip frame

gap filling round the electric strip to prevent objects from falling through between the worktop and extension. Lengths: 1000, 1200 or 1500 mm.


Electric strip

protective elements ensuring safety of the user and electrical equipment. There are several optional lengths and types of electric strips, including optional sockets of the E type for the Czech Republic and F type for Germany and other countries, or a pneumatic quick-coupling.