2018 Workshop Furniture Catalogue

The new catalogue contains 280 pages with more than 2 000 items of workshop furniture. Our designers have again shifted the POLAK workshop furniture a little forward. We believe that their creativity and the energy invested in the manufacture of our own original products will result in the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

Nowadays, the modern virtual world cannot be ignored; therefore, besides the new 2018 Workshop Furniture Catalogue in the classic printed form and its PDF version, which can be ordered from one of our sales agent, , an electronic catalogue has also been launched, bringing even more information, instructions, tips, advice, videos and many other hints.




POLAK brand products are provided with a QR or NFC code, which enables quick connection of the product to important information saved on the unique web portal smfu.eu. Here you can find detailed instructions, advice and explanations, and you can contact POLAK CZ employees as well.

Electrical equipment

POLAK brand products place stress on our own production and originality. Therefore, we have expanded the range by high-quality ELECTRIC STRIPS, EXTENSION POWER SUPPLIES AND LIGHTING. These are all-aluminium anodized products conforming to strict safety criteria and at the same time competing with the highest market standards. Their elegant design, light structure and broad application possibilities reflect months of development activities, thanks to which these unique products have come into being. For more information, clickhere.

Electronic lock

The electronic lock has been designed to provide direct access to drawer cabinets without a key. The appearance and function of this lock result from the ideas, development and testing of our team. The quality workmanship ensures a long service life and the elaborated functions will satisfy even the most demanding clients. The customer can choose between a code lock and a chip lock. In both cases, the lock can be controlled by up to 5 users. For more information, clickhere.

Workbench accessories

The Workbench accessories section has undergone substantial changes. Focusing on even higher-quality workmanship, we have introduced a new shape for the hanging arm with aluminium profile. The structure is now more solid and reliable. At the same time, observation of our customers’ demands has led us to change the dimensions of the perforated and solid panels, thanks to which they can be offered in two designs. Moreover, everyone will certainly welcome the innovations in the suspension system, such as the sliding system. For more information, clickhere.

Vertical cabinets

We know how important any centimetre of space in your workshop is. Therefore, we are launching vertical workshop cabinets onto the market. We had in mind small tools which any worker has quantities of. Thanks to the extensive suspension program and cabinets with sliding perforated panels, you will have an overview and enough room for every screwdriver. The extendable-door cabinet will be useful for storing the NC program; however, this is not a rule, as you can fill the cabinet with anything else. For more information, clickhere.

Special cabinets

Modern technologies and thorough inspection processes cannot be avoided by any handicraft nowadays. We have also focused on this and have introduced workshop cabinets with new shapes. These include a computer cabinet and terminal for securing expensive computer sets and their easy operation, as well as testing workplaces suitable for checks of work quality and archiving of inspection reports and safeguarding of devices and aids. For more information, clickhere.

There are many more innovations in the new POLAK catalogue, such as a new solution of the drawer handle and new electric feet for workbenches. We believe that the hours of development works have produced good results and we will be able to take well-deserved pride in the new catalogue. 

With regard to the variety and extent of the new products and improvements to the existing ones, we recommend that you take advantage of technical advice from some of our sales agents here.


Thank you for your interest in our products, with which, we believe, you will be fully satisfied.