Electronic locks for drawer cabinets

The electronic locks, designed for direct access to drawer cabinets without a key, have been developed and are manufactured by the POLAK company. Power supply by 4 common AA batteries. Service life of the recommended batteries is up to 50,000 locking cycles. Visual indication of discharged batteries. For detailed operating instructions, see www.smfu.eu.


Code lock

These electronic locks for unlocking drawer cabinets by means of a numeric code are equipped with a full-fledged keyboard with capacitive control. Unlocking by a five-character custom code and subsequent rotation of the knob. Locking by returning the knob to the original position. User comfort supported by visual and sound indication.

Every lock enables up to 5 predefined codes to be saved = up to 5 users of a single lock.

Chip lock

These electronic locks for unlocking by means of wireless technology are equipped with an integrated RFID chip, light and sound indication. The lock can be unlocked by merely placing the chip with subsequent rotation of the knob. It is locked by returning the knob to the original position. The user can preset up to 5 chips. Cannot be unlocked by a code. The chip lock delivery includes one chip.


The manufacturer’s general code

The user master code is preset by the manufacturer;the user can change this master code.


Key locking

By default, all products of workshop furniture and clothes lockers are equipped with cylindrical locks;each lock is delivered with two keys.


Individual keys

The work benches and/or drawer cabinets are delivered with a single key system, with which you can unlock even several locks in the same product. However, you have a separate key for every product.

Common key

Optionally, the original lock design can enable you to open several locks in various workshop furniture products with a single master key. Thus, a worker can unlock a work cabinet, mobile container and drawer cabinet with a single key.


Two-point locking

All double-wing doors are equipped with the original POLAK two-point locking system. All parts are made of high-strength plastic with glass content, providing for quiet locking and opening of the door.

Single-point locking

The original POLAK design plastic handle is a necessary part of every lock with a singlepoint latch. The single-point locked door is equipped with a spring arrest mechanism to prevent self-opening of the door in the unlocked position.