Service to subscribers


  • The quality guarantee for the purchased product lasts 48 months from the day of receipt of the goods by the customer. The guarantee covers defects resulting from manufacturing or design faults of the product or its components, provided the product has been used in conformity with the user manual of the product.
  • Goods damaged during transport must be reported immediately upon their receipt. The transport damage must be recorded in writing in the form of the transport company which delivered the goods and then signed by the driver.
  • Claims regarding incomplete orders must be made no later than within 5 days from receipt of the goods. In the case of a report sent later, it is impossible to verify whether the goods were actually delivered incomplete.
  • Trouble-free and quick settlement of the claim as well as the course of individual orders are the responsibility of the Quality officer of the Furniture division, both for the Czech Republic and for abroad. Contact.



  • Small and medium-sized orders are executed by the TopTrans transport company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and by the Dachser transport company in other countries.
  • Large orders are executed by the Aleš Báča transport company in the Czech Republic, Cobra Transport company in Slovakia and by Jaroslav Janoušek Transport in other countries.
  • Shipping prices are specified in the terms of the contract concluded between the customer and the retailer.
  • If clothes lockers are delivered on pallets, extra fees are charged for these pallets.


Product service

  • Customer satisfaction is a priority for our company;therefore, we provide maximum possible sales support and help with the selection of goods, purchases and eventually service.
  • For maximum utilization of the product you have purchased, we provide an on-line consultancy service, in which you can find detailed instructions, advice and tips at
  • Our customers are always attended to by sales managers, who are ready to answer all possible inquiries. Contact.