Workshop furniture manufacture

POLAK CZ workshop furniture– a smart solution in every detail

During the manufacture of workshop furniture, we pay attention to accuracy and quality. The product’s journey from its design all the way to distribution to the customer features perfect teamwork within the entire POLAK CZ company.

The actual manufacture is preceded by a well-considered design born in our own development team. The resultant modular system then enables your workplace to be adapted by means of variable accessories directly to your specific needs. The entire manufacture is automated to the greatest possible extent, which means that thanks to the total elimination of human error, individual parts are completely accurate. All product elements are perfectly machined to make up a faultless unit; the long service life of our products is ensured by the selected materials and surface finish.


The range of workshop furniture and changing room equipment from the POLAK CZ company can be mutually combined; thanks to the coherent design concept, it is always possible to create a congruous and compact unit.