Workshop Furniture Catalogue 2015

In recent years, it was particularly innovation that has become a part of our DNA. We are concerned with regular and continual improvement of our products and processes, aiming to achieve the maximum workmanship, safety and user comfort.

The new catalogue contains

276 pages with more than 2 000 items of workshop furniture to equip demanding plants as well as small workshops. The new NC program, extension of drawers with loading capacity of 200 kg and many other novelties and innovations!

Moreover, our goal is to provide the widest possible offer of workshop furniture. Whether our furniture is used by a private craftsman with a small workshop or a modern plant at the highest technological level, our offer should enable their work to be simplified, facilitated and made more comfortable.
We are convinced that the new product catalogue, Workshop Furniture 2015, will constitute another significant step to our goal. Similarly to other important milestones in our history, even the issue of the 2015 catalogue, hopefully, will become a great event for both our customers and us.  
We are convinced that the more than one-year effort, energy and creativity of our designers will bring in satisfaction of all our customers and popularity of our products in the next years for which our products will serve them well. The new catalogue has almost 300 pages; in this article, however, we would like to focus on the essentials brought by the catalogue; namely, out innovations.

Telescopic 100% extensions of drawers of 200kg loading capacity  

As most of our customers and users certainly know, the POLAK CZ company was the first manufacturer in the Czech Republic to introduce its own fully (100%) extendable drawers of the 140kg loading capacity. With the publication of the new catalogue, however, we have replaced the existing full extensions with a new type from a renowned Austrian manufacturer, FULTERER, which will provide our drawers with even smoother and quieter travel with simultaneous increase in the loading capacity of up to 200 kg.
So as not to bring our customers better products at higher costs only, we have maintained the prices of the FULTERER full- extension drawers equal to those of the original design. Thanks to that, our customers shall obtain drawers with quieter and smoother travel, with loading capacity increased by 60 kg for a price to which they are accustomed. We are glad that we have managed to maintain the full extension prices. Please note that the FULTERER extension drawers cannot be used in cabinets with drawers on the original full extension type!


Even traditional industries cannot do without modern information technologies today. This holds for the POLAK products as well. Therefore, simultaneously with publication of the new catalogue, a unique web portal of shall be launched to enable all of the POLAK product users to find a lot of interesting and useful information related to the use of workshop furniture of the POLAK trademark.
The new POLAK SMART FURNITURE is a system linking a specific product with important information simply, quickly, without bulky manuals and instructions. Most of the products of the new design are provided with the QR or NFC code which enables quick view of the necessary product information saved on the internet. The PSF codes can be found on a plastic label located on the lid face of every cabinet.

NC program

A new catalogue would not be new without at least one fundamental innovation. In our opinion, such a fundamental innovation is our new NC program – system for storage of NC tools. With slight exaggeration only, it is in the NC program that the new catalogue can be considered a revolutionary one. Countless hours of developer work, stacks of disapproved proposals, days and months of testing, trials and verification have finally brought the desired results.
With the Workshop Furniture 2015 catalogue, the POLAK trademark joined the traditional European manufacturers in the NC category. More than that, we think, and are convinced that deservedly, we have shown a new direction in the NC tool storage by our new catalogue.  
The POLAK products need no longer be used for storage of cutting tools only, but also for punching tools employed for wood processing. We are glad to have managed to fulfil our original intention to develop a new functional system for storage of NC tools with added value and look forward to you, our customers and users, being able to try it. To select a suitable solution, with regard to the extent and certain complexity of the new system for storage of NC tools, we recommend you to utilize the professional advice by a sales representative of ours here.

And what else?

Naturally, there are many more innovations in the new POLAK catalogue. For example, one can choose the new system of plastic drawer partition, composed of plastic multifunctional boxes with many division variants and a new type of plastic partition – troughs, particularly suitable for storage of circular parts of various lengths as well as, for instance, additional forklift bases with a removable face under all cabinet types, used for comfortable transport of the cabinet by means of a forklift truck; last but not least, there are new types of keys to the locks specifically developed for the POLAK workshop furniture.
Many of those encountering the new POLAK workshop furniture catalogue will also be pleased with the authentic views of the manufacturing technologies employed for furniture production, focused on automation and robotization. Innovation presents a great challenge for us even in the area of the production-technological stock; the new 2015 catalogue enables you to see how successful we are in dealing with this challenge.  
The new catalogue in PDF format can be downloaded here, or you can order it in printed form with a sales representative of ours.