From the company history

POLAK CZ is a Czech company with Czech capital, which has come a long way since its foundation on 3 July 1991.  At first, it operated from the small metal workshop of the founder and sole employee, Mr Petr Polák and its production program included minor custom-made sheet-metal products. Only later, in 1994, was the production program extended by the manufacture of industrial furniture. At that time, this manufacturing line hardly existed in the Czech Republic. Petra Polák’s company started to create history in the Czech workshop furniture industry.

In 2007, the owner transformed the company into a limited liability company, in which he still remained the sole proprietor.

The most significant milestones and moments are recorded on thefollowing time axis.

We develop and innovate

At present, the POLAK CZ s.r.o. company ranks among the leading Czech and European workshop furniture manufacturers setting the trend in this industry.

In 2004, in the municipality of Opatov in the Svitavy region, the company laid the foundation stone of a modern new production plant built according to the latest requirements for flexibility, production efficiency and environmental protection. The production plant is equipped with modern technological facilities featuring automated CNC workplaces and robotized lines controlled by a professional information system. In our own development centre, we work on developing and innovating our products in order to ensure high-quality and fully functional products. The production is focused on continuous optimization of manufacturing processes and investments in new technologies.

Business network

The entire range of products which we manufacture is distributed through ourbusiness partnersboth in the Czech Republic and abroad. These are professional companies acquainted with our products, regularly trained and informed of all innovations in our product range. Rest assured that they will give you the best advice on the selection of a suitable product according to the purpose of its use.

We export to advanced European markets

The quality of our products has been proven, among others, by exports to the demanding markets of many European countries. We are establishing and developing cooperation with business partners in the EU countries. Our products are known to users in Slovakia, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Estonia and other countries.


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