This year we are issuing three catalogues at once. The first is the OVERVIEW 2020 catalogue, in which you can find all of our products in one place. The second and essential catalogue is INNOVATIONS 2020, in which we introduce the work of our development team on original new products. The third, no less essential catalogue is ESD PROGRAM 2020, in which you can find almost the entire assortment of our antistatic design production.

All the catalogues will soon here in electronic form.


With the original design, we have managed to create unique technology in the form of a CHARGING CABINET FOR MOBILE PHONES. It is equipped with sixteen separate boxes provided with either easy to use coin locks or standard cylindrical locks. Thanks to the three connectors, mobile devices of almost any type on the market can be charged. Up to three interconnected cabinets can be located in common rooms, such as dining or changing rooms.

For comfortable charging of electrical devices, we have designed the BOX CHARGING CABINET. Each of the eight boxes contains a pair of sockets for charging of two devices in a single box at a time;the integrated central trough saves floor area. Again, this cabinet will be offered with either coin locks or cylindrical locks.

The last product in the electric cabinet section is WORKSHOP CHARGING CABINETS. The design of these cabinets is based on the SK2 cabinet from the current assortment, thanks to which a wide assortment of accessories incl. electrical accessories can be utilized. The cabinets are provided with four cable glands and vent holes. For this variant, an extension supply has been created from two interconnected housings with eight sockets, which can be easily placed in the side of this cabinet.

On sale from 01/03/2020.


For the safe storage of liquids, the standard SK cabinet with hinged doors has been adapted. This improved variant is provided with vent holes in the doors and can be equipped with a special collecting tub with a shelf and grid made of galvanized steel.


In the extension of the existing section of workbench extensions, you can now find CABINET EXTENSIONS and a new variant of a COLUMN EXTENSION. The cabinet extension on a workbench is based on plinths on which roller-shutter cabinets can be placed. The plinths can be supplemented with perforated panels, the entire extension with the suspension program and electrical equipment. The cabinet plinths are available in two width variants. The new variant of the column extension can be located on KOMBI workbenches of 700mm depth. Using it enables you to utilize the new adjustable suspension program in many variants.

On sale from 01/03/2020.


The ergonomic workplace program offers a comprehensive range of products enabling more efficient and smoother processing. A better-arranged workplace, easily adaptable to the physical needs of the operator, contributes to reducing his/her tiredness and increasing his/her performance.

The ERGO 400 workplaces with feet with a 400 kg loading capacity are a suitable solution for creating individual and system workplaces. These workbenches can be equipped with three types of feet (adjustable in steps of 15 mm, smoothly by means of a hand crank, or electrically). They can be equipped with the suspension program enabling the suspension of three rows of perforated panels, with optional suspension of lighting on the arm with a wide variety of interchangeable carriers with an arm loading capacity of 30 or 10 kg.

The height-adjustable workbenches of the ERGO 240 workplace with 240 kg loading capacity are an economically more acceptable variant of electrically-adjustable workbenches, which can also be equipped with an extension and suspension program with an arm loading capacity of 10 kg.

The entire assortment of ergonomic workplaces is supplemented with the ERGO accessories, in which you can find MOBILE FRAMES and other products.

On sale from 01/03/2020.


The last great innovation in our assortment is the ESD PROGRAM. The antistatic furniture program features a comprehensive range of products ensuring protection against electrostatic discharge. The products are designed in conformity with ČSN EN 61340-5-1 and fulfil the specified values of resistance;small plastic parts, like plugs, labels and handles, are not ESD conductive. The program is based on the company’s workshop furniture catalogue and offers the user a comprehensive assortment for creating individual system workplaces. All of the ESD assortment offered can be found in the separate ESD Program 2020 catalogue.

On sale from 01/03/2020.