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Workshop furniture  Furniture for locker rooms

Integrated series of top-quality workshop furniture will provide a unique appearance for the industrial spaces of your company. An emphasis on ergonomic requirements, high variability and simple operation ensures a high level of comfort of use in all types of industrial businesses. Furniture parts can be individually adapted and combined. Workshop furniture meets high safety requirements.

Workshop furniture

Lockers, storage boxes and benches will enable company employees or service users to keep their clothes and personal things comfortable and safe. Smaller lockers for outer wear can be used, for example, in sports, medical or cultural facilities, or in school establishments of all levels. Elements can be combined and adapted by means of fittings. 

Furniture for locker rooms


Six-door locker, halving
Order number: XS96-18

Six-door locker, halving XS96-18
  • cylindrical lock with two keys
  • single bolt
  • 3 plastic hooks in each cell
  • shelf in lower part of the locker
231,10 € without VAT
279,63 € with VAT

Universal cabinet UK1
Order number: UK1-001

Universal cabinet UK1 UK1-001
wing door cabinets UK1, 4 shelves, loading capacity 400kg
226,80 € without VAT
274,43 € with VAT

Tool box SK1
Order number: SK1-001

Tool box SK1 SK1-001
wing door cabinets, 4 shelves adjustable by 25mm increments, full door with reinforcements, loading capacity 600kg.
At higher loads cabinet drawers is important the cabinet fix to floor or to wall.
349,90 € without VAT
423,38 € with VAT

Chest of drawer ZC (54x27D)
Order number: ZC120-4

Chest of drawer ZC (54x27D) ZC120-4
3 drawers 75 E
2 drawers 100 E
2 drawers 150 E
2 drawers 200 E
899,90 € without VAT
1 088,88 € with VAT


Plastic holder of NC tools VDI 50
Order number: NCVDI50

Plastic holder of NC tools VDI 50 NCVDI50

Holder body ABS plastic RAL 3020 (red), standard adapter body of fixture VDI50 ABS plastic - black.

6,40 € without VAT
7,74 € with VAT

Metallic partition 19x36D - SET of 12 fields

Metallic partition 19x36D - SET of 12 fields
  • 3x linear perforated partition
  • 8x transverse partition
  • max. 12 field

KOMBI workbench
Order number: PM4715

KOMBI workbench PM4715
- worktop beech multiplex 40mm
- 2x SNP 
- 1x ZS ZA + drawer 100 E
- basis weight 800kg
361,70 € without VAT
437,66 € with VAT

Set of metallic drawer partitions ZP (36x19D)
Order number: 361913

Set of metallic drawer partitions ZP (36x19D) 361913
  • drawer face height 150mm
  • transverse partitions of 1,5mm thick Al sheet
  • slotted profile made of Zn sheet
  • number of fieldst 4
15,00 € without VAT
18,15 € with VAT